Cosmetic dentistry – some options

Options for Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing compares to having a smile you’re ashamed of. It keeps many people from fully enjoying social situations. Some people actually avoid them altogether because they’re embarrassed about what happens when they open their mouth. No one wants to avoid smiling and these days you don’t have you. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there are a number of solutions available for just about any problem your teeth may currently have. Let’s run through the list.

Inlays and Onlays

These two solutions are basically the same thing and are often referred to as “indirect fillings” They’re made from composite materials or even porcelain and essentially fill in a tooth where decay or other damage has occurred. Once installed, inlays and onlays are ready to be the last durable solution you ever need. Unlike dental fillings—which are molded during your visit—inlays and onlays get created in a lab before your dentist puts them into place.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is perfect for those with discolored, decayed, chipped or even broken teeth. These composites are made to look like dentin and enamel, so no one is the wiser about the repair job that was done. They are applied right onto the surface of the tooth where the cavity or some other problem has occurred. From there, the dentist sculpts the material into shape and uses a high-intensity light to harden it into a permanent shape. When the brief procedure is finished, the patient walks away with a smile as good as new.

Teeth Whitening

This is easily the most common form of cosmetic dentistry. In fact, so many people seek professional services for whitening, it’s hardly even considered in the realm of “cosmetic procedures.” These days, you can definitely get your teeth whitened at home with over the counter methods, but they won’t compare to a dental professional handling it for you. Teeth that have been stained through poor hygiene or dietary choices can be made to look brand new or even whiter!

Dental Veneers

Veneers made from composite materials or porcelain get bonded to the surface of teeth with an adhesive with the result of correcting just about any aesthetic issue. Everything from severe discoloration to cracks, chips and other damage will disappear behind this durable veneer.

However, dental veneers can also be used for gaps too. Many people even use veneers instead of going through teeth whitening, especially if they haven’t experienced the results they wanted from this procedure in the past.

Smile Makeover

A full makeover may involve a number of different procedures combined. Frankly, some people’s smiles have suffered from multiple problems or simply one widespread one where a more comprehensive approach than the ones above has to be used. For a smile makeover, a dental professional will begin with a full assessment of the current situation. Their conclusion may mean that upper and lower arches have to be addressed.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes, the major problem isn’t even about looks. Your smile could be suffering from a poor functioning mouth due to muscle imbalances or an unbalanced bite. Again, it could be a collection of issues that need to be corrected, which is why a makeover becomes necessary. However, your dental professional will recommend full mouth reconstruction when they actually need to address the way your mouth functions. Chances are that the outcome will not only make you more confident in your smile, but may address other problems you’ve been dealing with like headaches, sleep problems, teeth grinding and more.

Like we said at the beginning, just about anything you don’t like about your smile can now be fixed. Best of all, these procedures don’t have to be invasive or time-consuming.



Alternatives to cosmetic surgery

Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

When you have a smile that just isn’t all it could be, it makes sense that you would begin thinking about cosmetic surgery. Though it may be a bit expensive and will take a couple of appointments with a dental professional, the results speak for themselves. Most forms of cosmetic surgery are definitely worth it. However, before you commit to anything permanent yet, you should consider some other alternatives that could help too.

Braces or Invisalign Braces

If you’re in the market for straighter teeth, veneers can definitely help. After their installation, you’ll basically be guaranteed a picture perfect smile for life. Invisalign braces are just one form of cosmetic surgery that can permanently alter your teeth to ensure they rest flush against one another and give you a beautiful smile.

However, braces are generally the first option you should go with. While they will take much longer, they’ll generally cost less too. For those of you who are worried about braces at your age, consider what Invisaligns can do. These braces can do just as much as the traditional kind (with some exceptions), yet they aren’t nearly s noticeable.

Snap Ons

One way of handling your cracked or damaged teeth is with snap ons. Simply put, these are tiny prosthetic teeth that can simply be snapped over the teeth you’re worried about. This isn’t an ideal long-term solution, but it will definitely improve your smile for now. Then, you have time to save your money and consider another option.

Whitening Strips

Another popular reason to get cosmetic surgery for your teeth is because you want a whiter smile. Everyone wants one of course and, once again, going with something like veneers all but guarantees you get a beautiful white smile for life. If you can afford porcelain, this will be especially true. Many even go under for extreme bleaching that makes their teeth almost brighter than white.

Both of these methods is going to cost you considerably though. Before you decide to pay for them, then, be sure you consider whitening strips. You can buy them right over the counter at a department store and they won’t cost you a fraction of what cosmetic surgery does.

Many people don’t think whitening strips is that effective. While they definitely won’t be as effective as getting three appointments of professional bleaching or permanent veneers, you may be surprised. Plus, success largely has to do with your individual teeth. You may find that yours actually react extremely wheel with whitening strips.

Take Better Care of Your Teeth

Finally, just take better care of your teeth overall. This is especially helpful when it comes to keeping them nice and white. If more people brushed for two minutes at a time at least twice a day and used actual floss twice a day too, they’d be in much better shape. On top of that, doing this will keep them healthier and make them better candidates for cosmetic surgery if it comes down to that.

Before you pick something more severe, think about how the above solutions provide viable alternatives.